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Alex Walsh Atkins


Alex Walsh Atkins is a solicitor who has been dealing with Road Traffic matters in court and at the police station for two decades, and for almost as long he has been a keen motorcyclist too; touring Europe right up into northern parts of Scandinavia on long bike treks, and getting his knee down on the tight turns of Donington, Silverstone and other tracks on a variety of sports bikes too. He is no stranger to fast cars either, having owned an R34 Nissan Skyline which was his daily drive as well as an occasional trackday car.

He is a partner in Tuckers Solicitors, the largest defence firm in the country, and not only does he have a passion for the law, he has a passion for motoring. When he takes on your case you know you are talking to someone who knows the law inside out, but who also knows the sound of a Ducati twin with his eyes shut.