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Why Motoring Law Advice ?

1) Most motoring cases are not covered by legal aid, but we always advise you if legal aid is available and help you apply. Many motoring law experts do not have a legal aid contract and therefore cannot offer that assistance even if you are entitled to it.

2) We have offices across the country and unlike most specialist motoring lawyers who instruct local agents from other firms to deal with your case, we deal with our matters in house so you know that if you instruct us - it is our team looking after your case. We often get calls from other motoring "specialists" who have taken cases on in areas they do not cover - who then ask us to represent their clients for them. Why not cut out the middle man? Instruct a lawyer who regularly works in the area where you will be in court or the police station who knows the local prosecutors, magistrates, judges and police and can give you an accurate idea of how things will play out?

3) Most importantly - we give you impartial and fair advice. Many lawyers will take your case on no matter how fixed the penalty may be and how little difference they can make to the outcome. We do not do that. If we think we can or cannot secure you an acquittal - we will tell you. If we think the evidence is so strong you should plead guilty but we can persuade the court not to take your licence - we will tell you. If we think you are in a position where you will be subject to a mandatory disqualification that cannot be avoided - we will tell you. We are not in the business of taking your money to represent you on a case we cannot make a difference on. We are an ethical bunch of lawyers who accept that if we give you impartial advice you may choose to represent yourself or seek a second opinion elsewhere - we would rather you had proper advice than paid us to represent you in a case where the outcome is inevitable.